13 things every photography beginner should know.

1.Setting the exposure using the histogram.

this is a way to make sure the exposure is correct by reading the histogram instead of looking at the screen.


This is a shooting format used to make full use of the cameras capabilities of the camera.

3.Selecting focusing points manually

There are ways to focus the camera auto and manual. Since auto can not always work properly it is useful to know how to manually focus.

4.Learn all AF modes

The camera has many auto focus option each being useful in certain situations learning all of them and how they are all unique will lead to better picture.

5.Aperture priority

In the aperture priority mode the camera will change the exposure depending on the aperture value you set.

6.Shutter priority

The shutter priority is like aperture priority where the camera adjusts all setting automatically depending on the shutter speed set.

7.Control motion blur

Motion blur happens when the shutter speed on a camera is too low. The shutter speed varies depending on the photographer so with practice and learning what speed you can shoot at is important.

8.Manual white balance

This is another setting that comes automatic with the camera but is better manual. The camera has different white balance presets but learning how to adjust it manually depending on the brightness will look better.

9.Drive modes

these are mode that you use depending on where you are shooting the modes are. Single shot continuous low and continuous low.


ISO is the cameras sensitivity to light learning how and when to change this manually depending on the lighting.


this is a mode that helps those shooting in hand held. it will increase pr decrease the ISO value to shoot hand held

12.Exposure compensation

This is a plus/minus scale that will increase or decrease the exposure depending on your needs.

13.Manual Exposure

this is the final step to learning all the settings of the camera. this is a mode ith makes all modes manual for full custimization.